As “The visitor” I roam in the public space of  Mega-cities, of Mumbai Shanghai and Sao Paulo. I am trying to contact people I don’t know. Random people. I am not talking. I am not performing. I am just being. I enter other people’s situations on the street.  I am observing them, relating silently, physically. I try to get to know any of the people I encounter, not by interviewing them but by to creating something with them that is beyond their story and my story: the specific story of each encounter.  In the best case, an encounter develops. I get to attend other people’s life. I try to share their identity whilst sharing their life. By just being there. Nothing more.  I might be always in the picture, but I am there to disappear. To disappear into another. „You are becoming more and more like me“ says Christina, one of the protagonists to me in the movie. As „the visitor“ I feel interchangeable with any of the people I meet.  I guess this is one of the reasons why I follow them. I feel wrongly isolated in my me-ness.  I am not following any fix dramaturgy. I follow the development of each „story“ as it comes out of each encounter in each moment. The camera is always there. Nothing happens when the camera is off. No talk, no explanation, no direction. The camera is no obstacle, it is not disturbing the “real thing” to happen. The scenes that happen in “the visitor” are real, BECAUSE they are recorded by the camera. They work through my interaction with people and the outcome of each encounter is unknown.  The camera is no intruder, it creates a stage for a new relation.