Katarina Schröter


Katarina Schröters original plan was to become a journalist. For reasons of mistrust in objective report, she instead turned into a director, actress and author for theatre and experimental cinema. She discovered filming in public space as a way to report about stories of our time while creating them. Katarina Schröter (1977) studied  acting in Leipzig, dramaturgy in Munich, did her Master in Performing Arts at Dasarts Amsterdam and worked amongst others for the National Theater Dresden, the Residenztheater Munich, the Campo theatre Gent, the Kaii-Theatre Brussels, the Brut Wien, the Melbourne International Arts Festival as a performer, director and author. From 2010 till 2013 she worked at the company of the Neumarkt Theater Zurich as a director, author and actress. Her work has been shown in various international festivals. „The visitor“ (2014), her first feature movie, successfully run in cinema and on festivals worldwide.