the city, the future, dreams

6. 01. 2015

on being the visitor

Background thoughts

Image we Europeans had to live with the fact that we are a downing creature. We had to assimilate to a new world were our values don´t count anymore. The cities we knew would not exist anymore. The city of the future would be the chaotic, identity lacking Megalopolis. We would not be dwellers anymore. We would be survivers. We would have to learn how to survive from the Chinese, the Brasilians and the Indians. They would not copy us anymore. We would have to copy them.
Now try to imagine that you are in a place where the language you spoke before, the name you had, the profession you had, the friends you had, the money you had doesn´t count anymore. No one knows anything of you. But you need to be in the new place. You need to learn how to be there. You need to learn how to survive there. And there´s no way back. This is what happens to millions of migrants from the third world. Now imagine you were not the first world anymore. Imagine the world would turn upside down. And you had to come to the former third or second world that is now the new first world. As nobody. You would have to learn to be somebody there.

why do we dream

Why do we still dream if nothing looks like we imagined it
Where does the imagination come from
Is the imagination the link to god
And what happens then to imagination now that god died
Did imagination die as well
Or did it become daily business
Or simply business
Do we really aspire what we dream of
Who controls our dreams
What do we really want
And do we have influence on getting it
In how far do our dreams belong to ourselves
Who makes our dreams
Are we born with dreams
Are we born with our particular dreams
And if yes
When do our dreams adjust to the world we’ve been thrown in

Why do nations develop dreams
Is it because they are trying to become a nation
Does identity need a dream
So that the building of a nation means the creation of a common dream
And where do we start now
From the dream
Or from the “reality”
Where and when does reality and dream meet
Do they meet at all
And if it happens-why does it

So if you make a movie
A documentary
Do you search for real material for you dream
Or your nightmares
And if you make a movie
A fiction one
Do you search for fictive material
For your reality
And is your reality your dream
Or is the tragic that our reality
Has nothing in common with our dreams
Or is it a blessing
Or is our reality the shadow of our dream
Or is our dream the shadow of our

If you try to understand reality
Do you try to understand your dream
Or simply
Why your dream is not reality?

Why is it so often so terrible when dreams come true
Especially the one of nations?

And why can’t they just not stop dreaming
And why is it still so hard to live our simpliest dream
The one of harmony and peace
Do we really dream about it?
Do we really dream about it?
Do we really?

If we were born with dreams
With which dream where we born

And why is it still so terrible
If we cease to dream

What did you dream of last night.
Now it it 7 o clock. What are you doing. What are you thinking while you are doing. Do you allow yourself to see more then you see?
Do you?
The concrete of the concrete
The mind, what does the mind think in the concrete, what does the concrete dream of.
For me dream is nothing more than another door to reality.
Where is the mind going if the space is getting narrow?
What do you think while you drive to work
What do you think while you collect the trash
What do you think of while you kill that chicen